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Mardini Art Challenge 2022

Day Twenty-Three:

Day Twenty-Two:

Day Twenty-One:

Day Twenty:

Day Nineteen:

Day Eighteen:

Day Seventeen:

Day Sixteen:

Day Fifteen:

Day Fourteen:

Day Thirteen:

Day Twelve:

Day Eleven:

Day Ten:

Day Nine:

Day Eight:

Day Seven:

Day Six:

Day Five:

Day Four:

Day Three:

The topic of the third day of Mardini was Copy to Points SOP. To get this animation I used one of the Mocap Biped Agents that come standart with Houdini. I peaked the geometry to clear out intersections and painted some density attributes where I scattered points to copy lines to. Those lines I fed into the Vellum Solver and simulated with hair constraint. The whole simulation was retimed to around 20% of the original speed and then rendered with Karma.

Day Two:

The topic of the second day of Mardini was Revolve SOP. I was determined to have a rendered animation at the end of the day so I kept this project a little bit simpler. Inspired by some global events I made this bulled being filled with gunpowder. To make the to get the look of the filament I used Vellum to create a simulation of fine particles. To finish off I rendered the animation in Karma.

Day One:

As this is my first time participating in the Mardini Art challenge I really didn’t know what to expect. The topic of the first day of the challenge was the Curves SOP. Due to a lack of better ideas, I simply spelt out the word Mardini and animated some snake scales along the curves. Then I decided to finish it off with PAC heads biding the tails and have it loop. To hide the seams of the snake forming the letters, I made some quick portals emitting particles with a short lifespan. As time was advancing I wanted to submit my work and instead of rendering it I simply added lights to the scene and exported a flipbook.